THE REMIXES 2004- 2011 (2CD)
THE REMIXES 2004- 2011 (2CD)


Boys Noize


THE REMIXES 2004- 2011 (2CD)

Boys Noize

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1. royksopp - happy up here (boys noize remix)
2. feist - my moon my man (boys noize classic mix)
3. depeche mode - personal jesus (boys noize rework)
4. late of the pier - focker (boys noize terror re-did)
5. n.e.r.d feat. nelly furtado - hot-n-fun (boys noize remix)
6. snoop dogg - sexual eruption (boys noize remix)
7. cut copy - lights & music (boys noize remix)
8. modeselektor feat. nazizi & abbas - monkey flip (boys noize remix)
9. sebastien tellier - liamour et la violence (boys noize main version)
10. editors - you donit know love (boys noize classic mix)
11. david lynch - good day today (boys noize remix)
12. justice - phantom pt. ii (boys noize turbine remix)
13. the chemical brothers - swoon (boys noize summer remix)
14. teenage bad girl - cocotte (boys noize rework)
15. scissor sisters - invisible light (boys noize remix)
16. daft punk - end of line (boys noize remix)
17. gonzales - working together (boys noize dub mix)
18. marilyn manson - putting holes in happiness (boys noize remix)
19. charlotte gainsbourg - trick pony (boys noize remix)
20. kaiser chiefs - everyday i love you less and less (boys noize mix)
21. djedjotronic feat. spoek - dirty & hard (boys noizeis jump if youire an idiot mix)
22. maurice - this is acid (boys noize rework)
23. para one - dudun-dun (boys noize remix)
24. apparat - arcadia (boys noize reprise)

>Boys Noize - The Remixes 2004-2011< shows Ridhas electro stylings applied to the best and brightest in the industry. Spanning over 6 years of work, this album showcases Boys Noizes ability to rework source material into his own unique and inspiring compositions. From the stunning beauty of his remix of Feists My Moon My Man to the emotive synth work on Daft Punks recent End of Line, Alexs touch never fails to impress. When we say the best and the brightest, we truly mean it from critically acclaimed legends like David Lynch to the cooler than cool NERD, this release truly has a lot for everyone. Be >Happy Up Here< with Röyksopp and curious on the remixes Boys Noize did for Depeche Mode, Snoop Dogg, Marilyn Manson, The Chemical Brothers, Editors, Justice and many more.

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