Space Cadet Book & Soundtrack By Kid Koala
Space Cadet Book & Soundtrack By Kid Koala




Space Cadet Book & Soundtrack By Kid Koala

Ninja Tune

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1. main title theme
2. goodbye
3. remembrance
4. window
5. today tomorrow
6. expedition
7. birthday
8. void
9. dawn
10. cardboard stars, sea shells
11. speed of light
12. recyclotron
13. hope
14. return
15. connectivity

Kid Koala is back with his second graphic novel, Space Cadet. Painstakingly drawn entirely on etchboards for a stunning effect in black and white, the book is accompanied by a still picture score on CD --- 15 original tracks, each underscoring a key scene in the book, composed and performed by Kid Koala on piano and turntable. This charming story of an adventurous space cadet and her guardian robot unfolds through a series of flashbacks and flash-forwards to reveal a unique bond between the characters. As it explores the relationship between technology and isolation, space cadet celebrates the idea of connectivity through family and the cycles that build generations.

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