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Flight to the Moon is the result of a year-long journey by Dutch producers Dimi Angelis and Jeroen Search. It is both their first album as A&S and their first full-length record together. Like the explorers whose journey is musically documented by Flight to the Moon. Angélis and Search set out to discover where this record would lead them. Throughout the course of twenty tracks Flight to the Moon tells the story of a group of spacetravelers. It chronicles their ascent into the vast unknown and their uncovering of things as of yet unrevealed. What will they find? And what will their findings tell them? The tracks on the album – which they will release on their own A&S imprint – are diverse yet homogenous. They meander. transferring a sense of dangerous and potentially deadly encounter at one moment and then capturing a feeling of exciting amazement at another. Most crucially. Flight to the Moon is more than just a collection of techno tracks. In fact. to think of it in cut-out genres is to limit the scope of the album’s musical offerings. Search and Angélis aimed to shape a record that would defy their own notion of techno. That journey can now be heard by all.
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