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Sequencias / seq012

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Our first release for 2015 comes from Chicagoan. Area. His previous releases on various labels including his own. Kimochi. show a producer who spans many genres while maintaining a particular aesthetic. This untethered approach has lead to *One Less Me* — one of his most moving records to date. Area has melded elements from bass music. industrial. electroacoustic. spoken-word and techno into 3 tracks that distill their influences into something greater than the sum of its parts.

Opener “Circadian” is built on a two-chord refrain to a stepping rhythm amidst a dank warehouse atmosphere. Spoken-word interlude, “One Less Me,” is little more than a female voice processed and cleverly twisted over crisp electronic filigree. The EP closes with “XXeXX” (Crushkilled Version), which sounds like the remnants of the opening track after being drop-forged and scattered to the breeze—long peals of reverberating melodic feedback straining under a dense bank of static fog—breaking free every few measures to expand into the light, then crushed. “One Less Me” is the beginning of a new relationship that we look forward to see flourish in the future, and of course, to share it with you.
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