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1. perfect fury
2. bloodrush (vs. lady kate)
3. the depths of despair (official moh anthem)
4. assault (vs. radium)
5. incoming
6. dreams (vs. hellsystem)
7. bite yo style (dyprax remix)
8. who cares?
9. the road to fame
10. take the power (vs. rudeboy & mc syco)
11. the voice of mayhem (vs. outblast& tha watcher)
12. dortmund 2011 (feat. mc syco)
13. fucking wit yo head (vs. t-junction)
14. retaliate
15. mafia
16. raise your fist again (feat. mc damouth of madness)
17. the before (vs. dyprax)
18. the ugly side of life (as part of the supreme team)
19. strangle and mutilate (negative a & counterfeitremix)
20. how soon we forget (by t-junction & rudeboy / angerfist remix)
21. riotstarter (s.o.e remix)
22. guts full of lead
23. delusion (vs. outblast)
24. the milition (vs. predator)
25. odious (vs. outblast)
26. right through your head (tieum remix)
27. a new level of freak (vs. t-junction)
28. just know (vs. tieum)
29. and jesus wept
30. my critic fetish (akira remix)
31. conspiracy
32. the pearly gates
33. still krazy
34. dance with the wolves (randy & radium remix)
35. conflict (vs. dazzler)
36. no escape from my wrath (eastside connectionremix)
37. in a million years (nosferatu remix)
38. dont fuck around (vs. mad dog & predator)
39. no fucking anticipation (vs. vince / accelerator remix)
40. shitty rave track (vs. tieum)
41. somewhere down the lane
42. the murder tune
43. deathmask (vs. drokz)
44. yes (znooptokkie drokz remix)
45. fuck the promqueen (remastered 2011 edit)

Neues Album des niederlaendischen Hardstyle-Stars Angerfist, der von seinen Fans als erster Hardstyle-DJ jemals in die DJ Mag Top 100 gewaehlt wurde - Rang 39! -Retaliate- kommt als fulminante 3CD mit satten 45 Tracks, darunter Kooperations mit vielen weiteren Hardstyle-Koryphaeen wie Predator, Outblast, Rudeboy, Hellsystem oder in Top-Remixes von Nosferatu oder Negative A & Counterfeit.

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3x CD
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