Andrey Zots & Laurine Frost
Grow Vinyl / grow002

Image of the Record Front Side
Image of the Record Back Side

The second record from grow vinyl brings together Andrey Zots and Laurine Frost in a unique two track vinyl collaboration. Andrey Zots inspired by a Laurine Frost live session. made this the basis for a first collaboration between the artists and from a single musical foundation was born the all new Shadow Sessions.

The A-side 'Laurine Frost & Andrey Zots - Session 1 (We know how to swing take)', the original imagination of Laurine Frost, eccentric and filled with swing. Natural sounding percussion forms intricate rhythms and jazz vibes result in extraordinary groove, complemented with glances of contemporary futuristic sound, all the while with firm revolving baselines, which take their turn to dictate, whilst gentle cymbals vibrate, broken with periodic blasts of brass, crashes, and eerie winds. A timeless piece to be explored. The B-side 'Andrey Zots & Laurine Frost - Session 2 (We used to play it loud take)' structured for the dance floor, this time strong hats dominate, amongst an icy scape where winds whistle and energies rush forward. The percussive structure develops, revolves, and subtly evolves, and this regularity marks every progression. Beneath this strong hypnotic and repetitive structure are heard higher percussive tones echoing neatly through and within, before a tight base drives forward through the atmospheric revolutions. A vinyl of two divergent halves, interestingly from one beginning, mean the character and production aims of each artist can be seen, eccentric imagination central to one half and strict structure and meticulous sound engineering evident on the other. Together resulting in a vinyl impressed with deep artistic collaboration and struggle, in which much character is shown and story is told.
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