Andrey Bogdanov
Schallbox Records / SBR009

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In the original version >Arabica< has proper Funk on the bass ribs. rocks carelessly all over through the space and the arabesque-style vocal scrap blows so incredibly hypnotising by the track that you feel has to make a smooth ride on the back of a meandering sand storm. Pierre Deutschmann knows in his Remix only one direction: floorward! The sound aesthetics of the track has deeply internalised the force from the best Oldschool days and drives the dancehall visitor. broadly grinning. before itself. Powerful. direct and without ornamental accessories. beaten out of sound granite for the peak time of the night.

Dekays interpretation marks with his murmuring, constantly changing vocal line and the tapping House groove over again a summery afterglow in the circulation of the seasons which we allow to warm up with pleasure every corner of our body from the inside out.
More clearly the Winterfloor in view has J Alexander, who brings a nicely marching Minimalgroove to the start to teach the kind of nice melancholy then with a dim and inexpressibly touching melody to every dancer which goes directly to the heart and catapultsone into unexpected spheres of the ego.
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