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Marc Martínez Nadals personality beats after AFFKTs music. and his journey through the world of music has been imprinted on this album. With constant thirst to expand his musical experience. AFFKT confesses he was somehow searching for himself. The idea of making an album was not premeditated. but working with Cuban musicians was the seed of this project that has been enriched by the experiences lived by Marc during the last year and a half. Punto 0 is not just a physical or spatial concept that shows the base or the beginning of something. it is also how the secret fortress-residence of Fidel Castro in Cuba is known. A mysterious place that no one can certainly place on a map at all. that cannot be controlled from outside. The name fascinated Marc when he first heard of the place in La Habana. where the album was taking shape. to be later completed in Berlin. Brazil and Valencia. AFFKT looked to bring strokes of all that different sounds into Punto 0. He has collaborated on this album with an eclectic group of international talented artists such as Mathias Kaden. Marcin Czubala. Darlyn Vlys. APDW or Sutja Gutierrez. With the sounds of one journey this story is born. and channeled by Marc all the way through 16 tracks. including bridges and interludes. The listening of Punto 0 creating a special atmosphere that you miss when its gone.
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