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12" Vinyl US 30.04.19
the a side features making ends meet (changing room two), which is a 2nd original version by craig richards that is more four on the floor on the a1. on the a2 taimur & alexander gentil deliver a driving new york style remix. on the b side romania s rhadoo delivers his version with a more minimalistic approach to the track.
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12" Vinyl US 30.04.19
etching: *what we achieve inwardly will change outer reality* ... the a side features making ends meet (changing room one), which is an original breakbeat version by craig richards that comes with with a twisted remix by birmingham s subb-an & adam shelton on the b side.
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12" Vinyl UK 08.02.11
2010 has been a massive year for jozif, emerging as one of the most talked about artists in house music. the follow-on from the first sell-out edition, “beats in space”, “brick jane” goes further to cement his place as one of the vanguard of the london music scene, and propel fist or finger to the status of a buy-on-sight label. jozif’s title track – the dancefloor focused ‘fist’ of the package – goes in deep, the momentum continuously building as the track twists and turns through a landscape of deep slabs of bass assured deployment of subtle guitar plucks and piano chords, and dreamy xylophones. finally releasing into an epic crescendo, jozif only allows the moment to last just long enough, before all the elements are stripped right back as the journey starts all over again. brick jane draws out a journey, continuing to morph and subtly affix new elements throughout its 7 minutes. the arrangement is simple yet the progression is deft, subtle and effective, creating a vibe that can be employed at any given time of the night, offering a truly different context. craig’s ‘finger’ re-interpretation picks up the thread where his “beats in space” remix left off. crackling static laced with woozy atmospheres and paranoid utterings flip the vibe of the original completely on its head. richards displays a completely unique ability to stretch the original track far beyond its character into a completely different dimension, building a warped soundscape that feels as though it was recorded in a chasm deep deep underground. a mind-bending journey from a truly multi talented artist, in the truest sense of the word
Fist or Finger
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