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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: phranteek ft. juan huevos
12" Vinyl UK 20.03.12
an incredible u.s.a.-belgium collaboration between the dirtiest mc juan huevos and phranteek. all started when phranteek was sound engineering a juan live act. he just says >man? i guess you ll like to records some miami bass tracks?<. juan was like >of course!<. at the end of is tour, kick the lyrics on some phranteeks 808 beat. and the magic happened! phranteek says that mr. huevos is a studio beastů and we can feel it.
on b-side, daveluxes dubstep remix is incredibbly fat. we never thought releasing dubstep music, but this is not dubstepů this is deep schizophrene robot sounds highly doped on bootybass music!
winner of octaves de la musique award in 2011, dj elephant power remix sounds like a travel in a futuristic india. while listening to it, you can imagine some elephants in disguise dancing on ghettomusic!
Superfunk Music
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