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3x12Inch 23.06.23
strong limited to 100 copies worldwide! for his debut lp, martinesque dove deep. it is a project borne out of a personal history with electronic music spanning over two decades long, melting his influences and ambitions into a single piece. bound together by the dance floor experience at large, this collection is unwilling to subject itself to a path of linear narration, embracing an approach more ecclectic instead. throughout the albums runtime, we are invited to rediscover trace memories of starry-eyed nights of yore. we find nods to big beat and electropop, acid, breaks and trance. all over, big basslines recall the sweaty basement jams martinesque grew to love. everything tied up and strapped down tight by the slamming house derivates the man has built his name on. this is a set of transcendent tools dreamt up the morning after. this is packaged and presented to invite receptors to rearrange, reshape, recompile. this is the sum of its parts, and parts might differ.
Adams Bite
in stock
34.45 EUR *
12" 17.09.21
martinesque is back on home turf! following up from last years effort, >profound< doubles down on the psychedelic qualities. geared towards the early hours, he s served up three cuts of intimate ritual music. take the title track: during its 8 minute runtime, we are led down the rabbit hole of progressive house music. it is a modern take on the format, full of disorientating spatial modulation, brooding texture, and the emotional depth we ve come to expect from the artist. the b-side further illuminates this path. >watercourse< introduces a playful twitch to the palette, full of life-affirming echoes and melodies. rounding things off is the deepest track of the lot: >blackbird< features effective call-and-response vocals, continuously intertwining with its gently tripping bassline. a meticulously assembled package, this record sees martinesque deliver his most playful outing yet.
Adams Bite
in stock
10.92 EUR *
12" 17.05.21
limited repress! on the first outing of adamís bite, head honcho martinesque serves up three slices of tripping techno geared for the small hours of the night.
Adams Bite
out of stock
9.00 EUR *
12" (180g / Fullcover) 15.03.18
side a: beauty and the beast sipping a cup of tea on a magic mushroom, groovy baby
side b: a red light special, take off your clothes, bendover and let the music fill u up! if thatain t enough - u got another one cumin!
out of stock
9.41 EUR *
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