Martinesque - DEEP VALLEY



Adams Bite / ADAM004

Front View : Martinesque - DEEP VALLEY (180G) - Adams Bite / ADAM004
Back View : Martinesque - DEEP VALLEY (180G) - Adams Bite / ADAM004

Martinesque is back on home turf! Following up from last years effort, >Profound< doubles down on the psychedelic qualities. Geared towards the early hours, he s served up three cuts of intimate ritual music. Take the title track: during its 8 minute runtime, we are led down the rabbit hole of progressive house music. It is a modern take on the format, full of disorientating spatial modulation, brooding texture, and the emotional depth we ve come to expect from the artist. The B-side further illuminates this path. >Watercourse< introduces a playful twitch to the palette, full of life-affirming echoes and melodies. Rounding things off is the deepest track of the lot: >Blackbird< features effective call-and-response vocals, continuously intertwining with its gently tripping bassline. A meticulously assembled package, this record sees Martinesque deliver his most playful outing yet.

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