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coloured 12" Vinyl UK 21.05.19
40th anniversary special edition on blue & red split-coloured 180 gram vinyl.
Demon Records
A1: Second Sight
A2: Secret Of The Dance
A3: She Tears Me Down
A4: Roller
A5: Mr. Universe
B1: Vengeance
B2: Puget Sound
B3: Dead Of Night
B4: Message In A Bottle
B5: Fighting Man
Last Copy!
24.99 EUR *
coloured 2x12" Vinyl UK 04.12.19
a journey through the inner world of black sabbath on limited coloured 180 gram double vinyl in gatefold sleeve.
Music Brokers
A1: Bobby Harrison ft. Tony Iommi - King Of The Night
A2: Bedlam ft. Cozy Powell - I Believe In You (Fire In My Body)
A3: Ian Gillan - Finally The Finale
A4: The Move ft. Bev Bevan - Flowers In The Rain
A5: Quartz - Mainline Riders
B1: Vince Neil, George Lynch, Stu Hamm & Gregg Bissonnette - Paranoid
B2: Quartz ft. Geoff Nicholls - Highway To Madness
B3: Chris Catena ft. Glenn Hughes, Tony Franklin, Bruce Kulick - Freak Out Tonight
B4: Vinny Appice, Marko Pukkila, Rowan Robertson & Andy Endberg - And The Cradle Will Rock
B5: Brad Gillis, Mark Slaughter, Gary Moon, Eric Singer & Paul Taylor - Over The Mountain
C1: Leaving Eden - War Pigs
C2: Fierce Atmospheres - After Forever
C3: Kingshifter - Hole In The Sky
C4: High Voltage - Into The Void
C5: Critical Solution - Iron Man
D1: Bugsy Parker - Children Of The Grave
D2: In His Blood - Electric Funeral
D3: Cornivus - Snowblind
D4: Through The Stone - Wicked World
D5: Stalwart - Under The Sun
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24.99 EUR *

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