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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: detmolt
12" Vinyl D 11.01.18
stuttgart based producer detmolt returns to underyourskin records for his second ep. ‘memories’. on the label this year. the ep’s name giving track is a downtempo synth led pleasant fellow accompanying its listener through the different seasons of the year that are reflected by the various changes of chords within the track that still manage to connected each change in harmony. the ep’s second track. ‘madlen’ is also dedicated to the label’s downtempo sound and starts off with an detailed enriched synth before a nodding bass sets in and defines the groove and pace of the track. in the course of the track the catchy synth is loosend and supported by piano chords as well as diverse soundscapes in the same tonality. ‘kaos’ hits off strong with a lead synth that changes within the course of the track and is subbed by different chords in the treble and bass frequencies to spread its atmospheric soundscapes on all possible musical levels. the ep’s last track comes from paul valentin who remixes ‘madlen’. paul’s approach highlights the given synthchords which are worked into dreamy yet fordward going soundscapes that still keep the original’s downtempo vibe but makes you lose your mind higher spheres.
Underyourskin Records
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