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12" Vinyl UK 05.11.19
gargantuan chi-house bangers from rubadub shop manager dan monox, kenny wasp and big miz. essential
Dixon Avenue Basement Jams
in stock
12.49 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl UK 02.02.18
dixon avenue basement jams feel extremely honoured and stupidly excited to finally be able to announce this! after his first three eps on the label, the much talked about debut album from glasgows big miz is ready to drop on dixon avenue basement jams! from start to finish build/destroy really showcases his effortless feel for the weird funk. from the tweaked out organ solos on hammond groove and the live bass jam of straight thru cru to the straight up brain rattler of gear tension. this is big miz at his undiluted best and cements the fact that he is one of the uks most exciting raw talents. 2018 move aside, the big man has already owned ya.
Dixon Avenue Basement Jams
out of stock
20.49 EUR *
coloured 12" Vinyl UK 14.11.16
the extraordinary prolongation of sound jerked polly’s pretty head away from her work at the calibration machine. today’s jobs had seen her at her thorough and meticulous best but as afternoon melted easily into evening, these latest reverberations meant she’d no longer be able to focus to the level required. her boss had just dropped the bomb. as her ear drums filtered the noise, the technician’s bright mind was flooded with delight, her eyes no longer felt dry and tight with concentration, she was caught riding the crest of a massive wave of admiration. sitting her specs on the desk and pushing herself off the comfortable heat of her work stool, miss filla let the soundwaves pull her to her feet and carry her off to the main source of the captivating music. in honour of dixon avenue basement jams spending four years at the forefront of the global electronic music scene a new release was planned to shake the foundation to the very core. techno wizard big miz had been charged with delivering the goods and by the gods, the glaswegian had cracked it! he’d created, not just new tunes, but a whole new fucking genre. polly could feel the vibrations pulsating through every part of her curvaceous body as she sashayed along to the seductive beat.
Dixon Avenue Basement Jams
out of stock
10.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 31.08.15
for it’s 16th (!!!) release, dixon avenue basement jams continues to bolster it’s local infantry with fresh, new blood, this time with the addition of a young but well-seasoned individual hailing from the hinterland of greater glasgow and going by the name of big miz. if you happen to live within an 8 mile radius of a blue lagoon, the chances are you will have already been acquainted with the bold miz, most likely through the longstanding and legendary clubnight/crew he’s a resident & founding member of: offbeat. the length & breadth of offbeat’s tastes also reflects his flexibility as a producer. tracks presented here, such as “good thing” strike a fine balance between good ol’ motor city funk and chi-town oddities such as vincent floyd’s more obscure cuts on d.m, while the velocity increasing “solange” comes like the result of a three-day theo studio session fuelled by bad speed. his talent for catering to the dance has clearly paid dividends when it comes to his productions, with the nuance and instinctive touch he presents us with on his debut dabj 12” clearly marking him from the start line as an already formidable & stand-out force in the heady and increasingly cramped world of house & techno.
Dixon Avenue Basement Jams
out of stock
11.95 EUR *
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