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12" Vinyl UK 14.04.11
out of stock
7.79 EUR *
3x cd BE 19.01.12
diese exzellente mix-compilation sorgt für den perfekten einstieg ins neue jahr! die 60 neuesten clubtracks & -mixes aus house/electro (cd1), dubstep/bassmusik (cd2) und trance/progressive (cd3) bringen den puls ordentlich auf wallung. mit dabei sind alle protagonisten der drei genres: von calvin harris über skrillex bis armin van buuren! inkl. einem exklusiven track von laidback luke!
New State Music
Last Copy!
17.54 EUR *
cd D 06.01.12
ibiza clubbing institution amnesia celebrates 21 years of ibiza anthems. amnesia is arguably the quintessential ibiza clubbing experience and one of the main sources of inspiration for why dance music culture has thrived around the world. two massive rooms, one a dark cavernous cauldron and the other an expansive arena that is flooded with light when the sun rises, are guarded by the notorious amnesia ice cannons that could strike the crowd at anytime. regularly voted the best global club at various awards ceremonies worldwide, amnesia is quite rightly considered amongst the best clubbing spaces around hosting the world s leading djs and brands across multiple genres. amnesia is currently home to legendary ibiza club nights such as cream and cocoon and its own infamous espuma (foam) party nights. from open air clubbing in the 1980s with dj alfredo s ecletic mix of house, disco and pop, sparking dance music s explosion in the uk, through to a lead roll in the massive harry enfield movie kevin & perry go large, amnesia is part of clubland history and is a name that resonates with dance music fans across the uk and beyond. spread across a 4 cd set, each cd charts a chunk of amnesia history: cd1 covers 2006-2011 with artists such as swedish house mafia, deadmau5, axwell, above & beyond and tiësto, cd2 curates 2001-2005 featuring big names like david guetta, bob sinclar, cassius and the egg, cd3 looks at 1996-2000 with moloko, ultra nate, nalin & kane, three drives and more, and finally cd4 closes with 1990-1995 taking in anthems from robin s, real 2 reel, orbital, bucketheads and sven vath.
New State Music
Last Copy!
19.10 EUR *
3x cd BE 27.04.11
3 cds full length versions! incl. milk & sugar, afrojack, bob sinclar, x-tdf, thomas gold ..
N.E.W.S. 541
Last Copy!
20.46 EUR *
cd D 15.02.11
incl. vaya con dios, laurent wery, bob sinclar, robyn..
out of stock
14.61 EUR *
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