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12" Vinyl () D 18.06.18
the french artist blicz makes his awaited debut on involve records with a four-­&#8208,,track ep embracing techno in its different forms. the young parisian joins involve for the 21st release, consolidating the steady search of the label for new talent to take over the techno scene, as it happened with boston 168 or fabrizio rat. >new doctrine< comes as a breath of fresh air, and a serious dancefloor banger collection.
Involve Records
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9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl (180g / shri D 19.12.17
for this second release it is the young artist blicz who joins the volphonie team. he proposes two original tracks, mineral effect and 2nd story, which perfectly characterize the universe that the artist has developed in spite of his young age and which perfectly matches volphonies spirit, a hypnotic and effective techno that does not forget the melodies charged with emotions. each original track will be followed by its own remix: the first from flug which gives us a clean and ultra dance floor version of mineral effect, and the second from andre kronert, focusing on drums and groove. in line with the first release signed scan x, volphonie continues with this second opus to develop its universe by bringing together artists from different horizons but who all share this involvement in music and in the techno movement in general. because volphonie thinks, like many, that it is not just about music ...
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8.99 EUR *
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