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coloured 12" Vinyl NL 09.03.18
by popular demand future retro brings 4 of the most demanded remastered classics on 12” vinyl. now one of the real international superstars of drum & bass, netsky had one of his first releases on future retro. now remastered for 2018 this classic is sounding heavier than ever. bcee’s “glitter balls” still sounds as fresh as it did when it was originally released and this lenzman & redeyes remake is a match made in heaven. random movement & mutt round up this ep nicely with remastered versions of their tracks “ain’t going nowhere” and “the motions” which both ooze soul.
Future Retro
out of stock
9.54 EUR *
coloured 12" Vinyl NL 20.10.14
rubik records is proud to present it s 24th release in the form of two remixes of random movements dancing feat. starting off is sinistarr re-work which takes the tune to new territories. hip hop meets bleeps and his unique style combine with those classic vocals for a truly original piece of music. featuring support by scene leaders like rockwell on radio 1, where he professed he wishes he had made it himself. on the flipside with the classic dnb formula comes a stripped back roller by bcee and saxxon, which marks bcees return to rubik in almost 10 years.
Rubik Records
out of stock
7.98 EUR *
RUBIK SALESPACK INCL. 025 / 024 / 021 (3X12 INCH)
3x12" Vinyl NL 27.07.18
rubik records releases rrt025, rrt024 & rrt021 all bundled up for one special price!
Rubik Records
out of stock
11.98 EUR *
SOUL TRADER PACK INCL. 06 / 07 / 08 (3X12 INCH)
3x12" Vinyl NL 15.07.16
three soul trader releases all bundled up for one special price!
Soul Trader Records
out of stock
11.69 EUR *
2xcd NL 10.06.16
fokuz recordings presents: hateful eighty. a various artists project featuring remixes and original tracks celebrating the 80th fokuz recordings release.
Fokuz Recordings
out of stock
16.07 EUR *
2x cd UK 25.08.15
40 d&b tracks der premiumklasse in zwei sagenhaften cd-mixsets. dazu per downloadcode alle 40 top-tracks ausgespielt in voller länge. das ganze zum sagenhaften preis. the very best of d&b feat. chase & status, high contrast, wilkinson, sub focus, j majik, total science, netsky, dimension, camo & krooked, dj marky, u.v.m.!
Aei Music
out of stock
17.54 EUR *

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