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12" Vinyl D 20.12.10
dj hmc from australia say hello to decks classix vinyl series ... two great raw techno tracks original on dirty house records
Decks Classix
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12" Vinyl D 02.09.09
played by adam beyer, dave clarke, josh wink, dj hell, dubfire, renato cohen, paer grindvik ...
a true home for playful experimentation and a place for real fun to be had, figure spc proudly raises its hat to the latest dose of musical mindplay on offer. after the sensational trip that was his >vapors< 12 inch on len fakis figure label last year, the inimitable savas pascalidis returns with four unique club burners that are guaranteedhotter than the sun! >positive force< throws us right into the party, introducing the bold, gutsy vibe of the ep with this sinister synthethiser jam. using only a handful of elements to tell the tale, an addictive bassline and a psycho-disco groove throw energy all over the place in this recklessmonster.
Figure SPC
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