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12" Vinyl D 07.06.18
unlimited 2018 repress - 100 copies per customer only !!!! italojohnsons number two spins us back to the 90s again. theres no way through the dance floor during these three tracks, nevertheless, they are musically hip and flexible. the a-side rolls dirty and straight over the basement floor of house 909. a never-ending open hi-hat, rides, and snares blow the roof away. the deep tones and power amplifiers of the b1 signal to shake what your mama gave you as the b2 concludes the bundle with mellow rave dreams.
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12" Vinyl ES 07.06.18
nice price deal !!! titonton duvante s residual imprint has long been considered one of the most respected house-leaning labels in the game. over the course of the past two decades, the ohio-based label has housed works from some of the scene s foremost players, with the likes of boo williams, john tejada, demarkus lewis and volcov among those who ve repped the tight-knit label with distinction. the label s latest is another high point for all concerned. a v/a featuring the works of duvante & andreas saag as well as garrett david, todd sines (under his .xtrak alias) and fym, it s a wonderfully varied and exciting release that speaks volumes of the label s ability to consistently churn out top drawer house music.
REZ 022
Residual Recordings
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