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12" Vinyl ( / ) D 08.01.18
new bucharest imprint, floog (aka george g. from premiesku) on his own label, first chapter includes 3 cuts with 3 different intense flavors. vinyl only.
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12" Vinyl () D 08.01.18
very limited repress. played by barac, raresh, wareika, ricardo villalobos and more. ada kaleh comes up with a new concept series on his own imprint. introspectie is the first track he has done under his ada kaleh alias. it turns 4 years and within those 4 years he worked out that tune into perfection. for this special release he has got remixes by fellow romanian faster (kurbits, vinyl club) and japan s new talent takashi himeoka (rora). vinyl only!
Ada Kaleh Romania
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12" Vinyl D 08.01.18
the mighty one-man-band with the most notoriously misspelled airport pick-up signs in music history returns to his beloved hometown imprint musique risquée with a scorching three-track can of shake-ass. guillaume & the coutu dumonts is never one to shy away from fresh contrasts in his works, and we have no exceptions here - all manner of dark-to-light, flacid-to-hard, and identifiable-to-wtf? moments, sounds, and vibes abound. lead-off piece histories vraies brilliantly soundtracks the inevitable future moment when a season-premiere costumed viewing party for game of thrones unknowingly gets their punch spiked with moon rocks and teleported right to the middle of panoramabar at peak time. a2 jam far is the field counterattacks with the next level fusion of sun ra arkestra-esque transmissions wrapped around a humpty dance-on-steroids bassline, twisting and shifting away from the hands on the clock with beautiful ease - i am music.. indeed. finally, b-side long-burner whatevers inside rocks a sultry belly dancers theme song at an fm and modular synth bazaar on uranus, with g & the cds patented sharp percussion fills ensuring that the resulting melted faces and hearts will still be set in motion by the all-important collective flexing of the gluteus maximus.
Musique Risquee
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12" Vinyl D 08.01.18
last seen baring his musical soul on maceo plexs ellum, innovative valencian artist fiberroot now makes his debut on correspondant. making himself known with three soul surging originals fiberroots spell-binding aesthetic and diverse palette complements jennifer cardinis label perfectly as it taps deep into most rudimental electronic foundations. suddenly sets the agenda: teaming up with og maestro dino lenny, the title tracks hits with authentic blasts of italo romance and rich analog craft. echo silent follows suit with more of a droning, loopy, wall-of-sound surge of introspective hypnosis while looking from the outside hits with more a clash-style feeling thanks to its loose drums and sweaty throbbing electro bassline. remix-wise glasgows mr tc goes nordic with his mystic refix of echo silent while jonathan kusuma takes suddenly to deeper, darker, driving places. three arresting originals, two immaculate versions suddenly is a landmark release for this exciting enigmatic man. we suspect hell be corresponding with us again very soon
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