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12" Vinyl UK 09.08.18
an impressive debut ep on fledgling uk label uncertainty principle from berlin-based artist larry. sys 001 features four tracks of superbly produced microtonal electronica and techno, cerebral and banging in equal parts. opening track systems hyperthread ramps up the tension before growling into action, techno thumper systems obfuscate hits like a jack hammer, and systems online resets the mood before systems encoder sends us spiralling into the future. one to watch.
Uncertainty Principle
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12" Vinyl UK 09.08.18
look we re five records deep and yes, we arent sure which tune is on which side. but luckily, this release is as high concept as speed 2: cruise control. on one side you will find ad, which samples an inspiring speech given by the heroic angela davis at southbank in 2017. listen to her wisdom as you play this in your front room at 7am to people who suddenly can t quite look at their hands properly. the other side pas greets you with warnings of atomic explosions over a riotous jam between a yamaha cs-10 and a sturdy analogue 808 clone. if you have a pressing need for air raid sirens, this is for you. we hope you like this west friends release. there will be more.
West Friends
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