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12" Vinyl UK 17.10.18
german producer and dj boys noize has announced the release of his much-anticipated cover version of adamski and seal’s 1990 rave classic ‘killer’ on 12&#8243, vinyl, via the vinyl factory and boysnoize records. featuring vocalist steven a. clark, the original 12&#8243, version is backed by an instrumental, both of which you can listen to below: as boys noize says: “being a ’90s kid i kind of grew up with this song which later became one of these tunes i’d play out at the end of the night. when i met steven and heard his voice for the first time i immediately thought of that track and the idea of doing a cover version was born. it was initially just for fun but it turned banging and lit the dance floors wherever i’d drop it.” adamski and seal’s original represented something of a breakthrough for both the producer and vocalist, spending four weeks at the top of the uk singles chart in the summer of 1990. speaking to journalist dave simpson in the guardian in 2013 seal explains the impact the song had on his career: “within a week, i went from being a relative nobody – this weird guy at raves, with silver bits in my hair – to a household name.” boys noize’ ‘killer’ is out now on 12&#8243, vinyl, limited to 500 copies.
Vhe Vinyl Factory
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12" Vinyl UK 16.10.18
marc & oveous bring the classic bruk flavours to atjazz’s label with their new e.p. ‘on again’. the original harks back to the old co-op nights with a tough bass synth and oveous’ soul laden vocals, tied together behind a punchy, syncopated broken beat rhythm. dress to sweat, this one will make the bodies move. first up on the flip side the ‘4x4 dub’ switches the rhythm to a straight up 4x4 house beat, but that subby synth carries through the broken beat touch. the original mixes’ vocals are dropped in favour of one of oveous’ short spoken word monologues before he steps back to let the music do the magic. the ‘dubstramental’ gives you one final interpretation utilising the same dubbed out template as the b1, but reverting back to the original broken beat pattern to give you three different flavours to throw down with.
Atjazz Record Company
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coloured 12" Vinyl US 15.10.18
ltd to 200 copies, handnumbered , incl dl code , audio soul project drops 4 new cuts. a1 brings an acid stormer getting major plays from eris drew. a2 remixes a manik original with ukg and breakbeat vibes. b1 is a moody vocal featuring brett barton. b2 is disco cut-up with chicago beats & analog squelches. yellow vinyl screen-printed
Fresh Meat Records
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12" Vinyl UK 11.10.18
summer may almost be over, however gasp records has teamed up with la dune label co-founder jacques torrance to reminisce over those jubilant days in the sun. crafted during a short stay in south germany, nach5000 is an ep that takes you on a journey beyond distances. think of it as a never ending summer voyage straight into the 90’s, with a sprinkle of acid and a final visit to your favourite psychiatrist.
GASP Records
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