Norbak  - SOPRO EP


12 Inch

Token / TOKEN124

Front View : Norbak (PT) - SOPRO EP - Token / TOKEN124
Back View : Norbak (PT) - SOPRO EP - Token / TOKEN124

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With his first full-length EP on Token after a contribution to last year's Fuga IV compilation, Nørbak proposes his unique take on movement and grain through the four tracks on 'Sopro'. Constantly searching for new textural story telling, the Portuguese producer balances grit with technical depth.

'Teste' begins the record as the most minimal of the collection, setting a somber tone with percussive accents whipping through a cavernous atmosphere. Reminiscent of German style club music with booming kicks and resonating hits, Nørbak plays to his strengths by alternating through confronting sound design and imposing rhythmics. The title track 'Sopro' maintains the weight of its predecessor, however the focus shifts to the lead synth line. The Hayes member juggles througha hypnotic sequence, bending dissonant keys to ensure a funky swing while keeping things cool and collected. This stylistic hybrid segues perfectly into 'Clima', where Nørbak masterfully retreats into the mind for paced percussion over delirious ambiances in half-time. A slow rolling bassline pushes through the arrangement like a tidal wave with chanting snares egging it on, making 'Clima' almost ritualistic. The hypnotic touch completes 'Sopro EP' in a subtle way and leads into an epic of a closer with 'Veneta'. Nørbak thickens the rhythmic section once again, with an accent on the high end, to shout far off notes describing a stretching landscape. These stuttering keys make for an intense ride supported by shaking hi hats all along the way, persistent through every transition. The record comes to a satisfying close with a meditative conclusion, an appropriate way to wrap up a sensorial adventure.
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