Hydergine - ENTANGLE


12 Inch

Ranges / Ranges015b

Front View : Hydergine - ENTANGLE (RESOE RMX / BLACK VINYL) - Ranges / Ranges015b
Back View : Hydergine - ENTANGLE (RESOE RMX / BLACK VINYL) - Ranges / Ranges015b

Pure Dub techno driven 5 tracker. Hydergine is back on Ranges with a new sonic journey that delves deep into dub techno while infusing it with innovative broken beat structures. The EP showcases the artists signature style in a captivating and refreshing way. Four tracks take the listener on a diverse and evocative journey, ranging from futuristic and dark sci-fi vibes to immersive and emotionally resonant soundscapes, with a rich tapestry of sonic elements that engage the mind and stimulate the senses. Resoe provides a reinterpretation of >Perception< that reveals new layers of complexity and emotion. A captivating exploration that results in a hypnotic and addictive masterpiece, further enriching the overall package.

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