Various Artists - IN ORDER TO DANCE 4.0


3x12 Inch

R&S / RS2220 / 05244051

Front View : Various Artists - IN ORDER TO DANCE 4.0 (3LP) - R&S / RS2220 / 05244051
Back View : Various Artists - IN ORDER TO DANCE 4.0 (3LP) - R&S / RS2220 / 05244051

For the label’s 40th anniversary, R & S Records presents a brand new installment of their iconic IN ORDER TO DANCE compilation series.

First released back in the fall of 1989, the In Order To Dance album was a compilation LP that pulled together tracks from a select band of electronic producers, pushing the boundaries of the house and electronic music that was in its infancy stage. Released on the R&S Records label, the IOTD series would become pivotal in the development of the electronic music scene at large. The world of music is a constant shape shifting, trend moving behemoth. Style may come and go (and come back around again), stars are made, stars can fall. But the ethos behind In Order To Dance remains the same as it ever has, with a fierce independent spirit, and a pledge to bring forward the next generation of young artists and their music. And so, here we arrive at a new collection, fresh for 2023, and just in time for the labels 40th anniversary year, and with the ardent A&R'ing of label founder Renaat Vandepapeliere, a selection of new tunes is assembled to reinforce the strength and power to be found within music.
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