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Vordergrundmusik / VGM025

Front View : Martin Merz - VERTIGO - THE REMIXES - Vordergrundmusik / VGM025
Back View : Martin Merz - VERTIGO - THE REMIXES - Vordergrundmusik / VGM025

Incl. Extrawelt and T.Raumschmiere Remixes. Decks Tip!

Vordergrundmusik's head honcho re:deep kicks off the Vertigo remix series with his interpretation of Aural Drift. He gives the track a whole new vibe by adding a lively beat and garnishing it with restrained sounds and beautiful harmonies. An oh so cozy affair! The second installation is of no other than one of Shitkatapult's labelfounders, T.Raumschmiere. Keeping the vibe of the original whilst spicing it up with effectful and driving elements. An energetic 135 bpm madness to go wild to! In between the striking synth jabs and arcane vocals of Back to Life, Rittik Wystup spins a net of sharp, crackly drums and fondle, almost trickling piano tones. His elation to combining electronic and acoustic spaces is mirrored throughout the rework, echoing his own unique sound note by note. Last but not least, we are very delighted to have the german powerduo Extrawelt on the remix duties. The Cluster Buster version takes the original on a dark and imposing journey of huge 808s, raw synths and celestial widescreen pads. Turning it into a sturdy yet cinematic beast of an electro tune. While the Laser Blazer Remix takes things to a whole new level. Ever since Extrawelt started playing this version in their live sets, people have been going absolutely nuts! As the title already suggests, an absolute highlight and surely one for the books! [info sheet from distr.]
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