Jichael Mackson - FLAT MOON SOCIETY EP

Jichael Mackson



RFR-Records / RFR 018 / RFR018

Front View : Jichael Mackson - FLAT MOON SOCIETY EP - RFR-Records / RFR 018 / RFR018
Back View : Jichael Mackson - FLAT MOON SOCIETY EP - RFR-Records / RFR 018 / RFR018

Jichael Mackson is back! Decks Tip!

Yep people, you’ve got us right. While many of us are still looking for traces of lizard people
wandering over a flat earth, your favourite producer’s favourite producer has already boarded his
space vehicle in the direction of moon, closely observing our mediocre attempts to enrich our
earthly existence.
Magician Jichael Mackson opens his bag, presenting the signature sound he’s so famous and
respected for. Deep and bass driven grooves, perfectly layered on top of each other like damask
steel. In order to enjoy this masterpiece, we recommend to snort a big line of that “Digital Dust”.
“Family Biz” is taking a more laidback and broken beat direction. Dense percussions, intricate
harmonies and a lot of soul and jazz vibes are hidden in this gem. Best to be discovered with your
friends and loved ones on a sunny day beneath a shady tree, enjoying a couple of glasses while
waiting for the sunset. Geez, this is so damn gorgeous.
“ATH” ends this formidable EP. Again, no club inspired vibes (cos clubs are closed anyway, right?)
pulsating out Mackson’s snyths, instead a more abstract broken beat crawling into our ears. Eerie
sound modulations and creepy acid - lovers of DJ Krush’s older works might fall in love with this.. [info sheet from distr.]
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