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Shaw Cuts / SC-LP01

Front View : Farron - SHINRIN YOKU (2LP) - Shaw Cuts / SC-LP01
Back View : Farron - SHINRIN YOKU (2LP) - Shaw Cuts / SC-LP01

Music to balance the body and mind - Shaw Cuts founder Farron presents his debut longplayer.

Walking through a forest and paying attention to our surroundings revitalizes the senses enough to ease the drive to do something and is calming enough to allow us a moment of peace and tension release. Mindfulness and meditation come naturally when you allow your senses to focus on the slight and subtle changes around you. Take a deep breath of fragrant air, soak in the feeling of the textured ground and enjoy the sights of the slowly shaking treetops in the sky. Touch the moss-green, soft ground carpeting the shaded stones, sense the abrasive bark on the trees and smell the versatile odors of pure nature. Let the stillness around you influence your state of mind and make you forget the constant motion of society. Take a timeout, immerse yourself in the forest, use all of your five senses to experience everything to the fullest and surround yourself with life existing in this environment - you will realize that you are indeed a part of nature. Shinrin Yoku helps to rejuvenate the exhausted body and balances the body and mind. This is a sensory and intimate experience. [info sheet from distr.]
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