Jonathan Kaspar - INVERT DRIFT


12 Inch

Cocoon / COR12169

Front View : Jonathan Kaspar - INVERT DRIFT - Cocoon / COR12169
Back View : Jonathan Kaspar - INVERT DRIFT - Cocoon / COR12169

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Cocoon welcomes Jonathan Kaspar

Jonathan Kaspar has that rare, instinctive ability to germinate the seed of an idea and nurture it to its logical conclusion, both melodically and sonically. It’s why his stock has been rising so sharply in recent years with future classics already released on Kompakt and Objektivity to name but two, and he’s at it again on his debut EP for Cocoon Recordings with three distinctive tracks of sublime quality. The first cut, Invert Drift, is also a phenomenal mixing tool. What starts off as an expectant minimal groove suddenly explodes with wild, cascading effects that hit you out of nowhere. Any DJ worth their salt will get tons of twisted pleasure orchestrating the crowd‘s synaptic meltdown with this one, but there‘s so much more going on behind the calculated mayhem. In true signature style Kaspar teases the listener, cranking up the pressure with a dark, brooding synth progression that lurks under the surface but never quite breaks free, leaving the morphing bass line, crunchy top loop and laser guided FX front and center. As it reaches its climax it’s like being caught in the crossfire of a Battlestar Galactia shoot out. Last Romance is another master class in how to hypnotize the dance floor, this time by showering it in ecstasy. The patient, Latin-inflected build up accompanies a discordant metallic synth line that from hesitant beginnings slowly grows to dominate the track. It resonates beautifully almost creating its own language before deep, lush chords and a crystalline arp line flesh out the breakdown, making the hairs on your neck stand to attention. Coming in at just over ten minutes, Off The Shore introduces a different aspect of Kaspar’s repertoire. With ambient, cinematic overtones and an otherworldly central motif that starts folding space. [info sheet from distr.]
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