Marta De Pascalis - SONUS RUINAE

Marta De Pascalis


12" Vinyl NL

Morphine / Doser 039

Front View : Marta De Pascalis - SONUS RUINAE - Morphine / Doser 039
Back View : Marta De Pascalis - SONUS RUINAE - Morphine / Doser 039

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New Album by Marta De Pascalis

Absorbing new album from this very special artist. Hand printed sleeves. Very limited edition.

Tape loops are a closed path, a cyclic river, a ring around a far planet. They’re like our memory continuously reenacting an artefact that belongs to a precise point in time, brought back in a process of recall where that artifact slightly and slowly becomes imprecise and shifted. An unrested repetition carved into an old pavement, in a city where every generation leaves a new mark, a new incision and maintains an endless process of birth and deterioration. Marta De Pascalis’ Sonus Ruinae's synthesizers sounds are gently laid on that closed path, put in a locked repetition and engaged in that eternal dance. Her album is a canvas of harmonics and a sublime place where things are whole, where your first listen is engraved just like that ancient city’s pavement, and Marta endlessly writes beauty on top of it, layer after layer. [info sheet from distr.]
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