Blanck Mass - BLANCK MASS

Blanck Mass


coloured 2x12" Vinyl D

Sacred Bones / SBR3023LPC / 00139273

Front View : Blanck Mass - BLANCK MASS (LTD CLEAR 2LP) - Sacred Bones / SBR3023LPC / 00139273
Back View : Blanck Mass - BLANCK MASS (LTD CLEAR 2LP) - Sacred Bones / SBR3023LPC / 00139273

Limited clear double vinyl reissue of the 2011 solo debut album from Benjamin John Power (Fuck Buttons) as Blanck Mass.

In 2011, Benjamin John Power (Fuck Buttons) released his first solo album as Blanck Mass on Rock Action Records. The vinyl went out of print shortly thereafter and has been largely unavailable ever since. Now, nine years later, Sacred Bones Records is honored to put it back in print, as a clear vinyl deluxe double LP housed in gatefold sleeve and limited to 1000 copies. As Blanck Mass, Benjamin John Power takes the anthemic melodies and heroic doses of noise he pioneered with Fuck Buttons in directions that are sometimes more immediate but always thought-provoking. He introduced the project with the amorphous drones of 2011's self-titled album. This ambient, droning electronic music he recorded in his apartment became the project's self-titled debut album, which Mogwai's Rock Action label issued in 2011. More abstract, yet often more accessible than his work with Fuck Buttons, Blanck Mass received favorable reviews as well as comparisons to Brian Eno and Ghost Box's roster of artists. "Sundowner," a track from the album, was used during the 2012 Summer Olympics opening ceremony, along with "Olympians" from Fuck Buttons' album Tarot Sport. [info sheet from distr.]
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