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Ki Records / KI025CD / 05184842

Front View : Christian Loeffler - LYS (CD) - Ki Records / KI025CD / 05184842
Back View : Christian Loeffler - LYS (CD) - Ki Records / KI025CD / 05184842
Versailles (Hold)
The End ft. Josephine Philip
Lys ft. Menke
Ballet ft. finn.
Roth ft. Mohna
Für Immer

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Enchanting and deeply moving - Christian Löffler with a new album on Ki Records.

Lys, Christian Löffler's newest album, serves as a contrast to Graal, its predecessor. Whereas the latter is the result of a six-month period spent largely on the road in between live shows, the former is a studio release in the truest sense, recorded and compiled in the serenity of Löffler home studio, immersed in the woodland nature that formed the basis for A Forest, his first attempt at the long-player format back in 2012.
Rather than capturing a specific moment in time or emotion, Lys is a selection of Löffler's favorite productions from the past three years, carefully compiled into one enchanting and deeply moving listening experience. [info sheet from distr.]
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