Lee Gamble - EXHAUST

Lee Gamble


coloured 12" Vinyl D

Hyperdub / HDB127 / 00137025

Front View : Lee Gamble - EXHAUST (CLEAR VINYL) - Hyperdub / HDB127 / 00137025
Back View : Lee Gamble - EXHAUST (CLEAR VINYL) - Hyperdub / HDB127 / 00137025

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Here’s the 2nd part of Lee Gamble’s 3 part album “Flush Real Pharynx”. Pressing on clear vinyl.

Flush Real Pharynx is the title of Lee Gamble’s three-part album for Hyperdub. The triptych loosely explores three stages of the Semioblitz – the aggressive onslaught of visual & sonic stimuli of contemporary cities & virtual spaces.

From In A Paraventral Scale (the first part of the triptych released at the start of 2019) the coil springs out into the straight-up choked semioblitz of part 2 — Exhaust. Gone are the serpentine dopplers and seductive supercar engines. Exhaust’s neon-charms coalesce into an MDMA rush of Boston Dynamics dog barks, hypnotic voices and imploding motion sculptures. [info sheet from distr.]
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