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Freude am Tanzen / FATMC017

Front View : Less - STRANGER (TAPE) - Freude am Tanzen / FATMC017
Back View : Less - STRANGER (TAPE) - Freude am Tanzen / FATMC017

Ambient, electronica and experimental sounds.

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The natural habitat of the Thuringian-born Less is the DJ desk. For about two decades, he has favoured making music there and likes to open his suitcase with various genres of electronic music. The connoisseur often lets the beginning of his sets get underway calmly. He boozes ambient in various facets from dark to light like breast milk. It starts in the brain and programs the soul. He additionally loves Blade Runner in story and music. The second one from 2017 was especially appealing to Less. On a stormy day in Berlin with an apocalyptic mood, he seeks shelter in a cinema. True to a quote in the movie "We all are searching for something real" Less is so swept away by mood and sound, he decides: I want to make that sort of music! A little later he receives an SMS from a congenial artist friend: "You have to make such music". Well, love is an unpredictable thing …

Busily he tinkers in the studio and explores the tools and the world of vast melodies and experimental sounds. At the end of the production phase, the authenticity-certified result is fed to an analogue tape machine.

The result is an up-drifting album, an instrumental meta soundtrack in which the listener becomes a replicant of the sound, with the assistance of which he can plunge into his own reality. No action is highlighted here, but it is created here. With all the gloomy floating particles that carry the sound, there is an enormous spark of hope, like an odyssey through the depths into happiness. Where Vangelis stops at the beach and waits for the tide or the sunset, Less descends into an old cave shortly before the dunes to linger in the dark. However, on time for the sunrise he is back with his music. At the end Harrison Ford speaks the decisive words: „Sometimes to love someone, you got to be a stranger.“

The tracks mostly bear hopeful names and all merge into one another. As it goes from orbit directly into the warmth of the heart, you sometimes desire for real life. Close your eyes and get to it, then it'll happen! After all, one should be allowed to have joy in dreaming in a life that sometimes seems like a never-ending assessment centre. [info sheet from distr.]
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