12" Vinyl UK

Hypermedium / HMDM006

Front View : Lensk - INCISED SHARDS - Hypermedium / HMDM006
Back View : Lensk - INCISED SHARDS - Hypermedium / HMDM006

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Following up releases for labels such as angoisse and Jerome, Warsaw-based producer/DJ and MESTIÇO collective co-founder Lensk lands on Hypermedium for his third EP, Incised Shards. Unsettling the boundaries of club music, the EP's six tracks are a collection of vectors, fragments without place or stable meaning, always shifting - a messy drift. Its arrangements, laden with hard- edged and off-kilter percussion, emotive synth textures and scattered scraps of vocals and noises, are deeply influenced by the disintegrating façade of reality: fears of conspiracies, modern technology and societal collapse enmesh with biblical visions, future birthing the past. At once complex, spacious and resilient, Incised Shards' landscape seems desolate, albeit there is defiance hidden in the shattered pieces of which it is composed - the kind of defiance that urges to go straight through if this is what it takes to reach the outside. [info sheet from distr.]
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