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Front View : Rick Silver - FINDING SPACES (LP) - UZ MI / UZMI003
Back View : Rick Silver - FINDING SPACES (LP) - UZ MI / UZMI003

UZ MI Records co-founder Rick Silver serves up a majestic late night and inventive house, dub
and ambient album titled ‘Finding Spaces’.

London based Rick Silver has already appeared on the label under his Money House Club alias - a duo that explores Lo-Fi and atmospheric analogue house with UZ Mi co-founder James Vernon - and now goes solo across eight equally absorbing tracks. In the past he has landed on imprints such as Foliage Records and Dessau but puts up his best for his home label.

‘Flopping’ is a tripped out dub house jam with deft synths and neon lifeforms darting about the mix, ‘Spicy Ham’ then performs some fantastic drum gymnastics as loose and late night grooves are interwoven by tight percussive lines, organic hits and smeared synths. ‘Limelight’ slows things down with some murky drums and warped bass that crawl along at a codeine pace and ‘Shift’ is a blissful bit of dreamy and misty ambience.

‘Hairband’ is cavernous and laid back micro-house with chords that bring emotional depth, ‘Stretch’ is an experimental fusion of glitchy sound designs, subtle sound design and creating unusual but alluring atmospheres continues on the drum-free but gently rhythmic ambiance of ‘Quads’ and this most otherworldly trip completes with ‘Fluffy’, a heavenly ambient track with deeply buried kicks and more majestic synths. [info sheet from distr.]
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