Jorkes & Hard Ton - CROSS THE LINE



Pauls Musique, Freeride Milenium / FM013/PM010.8

Front View : Jorkes & Hard Ton - CROSS THE LINE - Pauls Musique, Freeride Milenium / FM013/PM010.8
Back View : Jorkes & Hard Ton - CROSS THE LINE - Pauls Musique, Freeride Milenium / FM013/PM010.8

Massimiliano Pagliara and Jackmate Remix

Taking inspiration from a vast musical sphere, the Munich-Vienna pair Jorkes are widely recognised for their open-minded and passionate approach to electronic music which is translated through their Freeride Millenium imprint and own unique productions. ‘Cross The Line’ will be the duo’s first outing since 2016 seeing them join up with the Italian pair Hard Ton who are known for releases on Wonder Stories, Luv Shack Records, Toy Tonics and many more. Jorkes invite Live At Robert Johnson artist Massimiliano Pagliara and Philpot founder SoulPhiction aka Jackmate for remix duties which tops off this distinctive release highlighting the openness and sensibility of their musical philosophy. ‘Cross The Line’ begins the EP with alleviating pads balanced harmoniously with alluring, heart-warming vocals and gentle keys drifting throughout before Massimiliano Pagliara delivers an infectious remix focusing on hypnotic bass grooves, effervescent drums and undulating pads fluttering naturally with the stirring modulations. ‘Jackmate’s Dub Mix’ deploys low-riding resonations fused with muffled tones and thrilling, shuffling rhythms within whereas ‘Jackmate’s 90s Mix’ focuses heavily on organic percussion rolling throughout with robust musical elements and looping vocals. SoulPhiction’s ’Dub Mix’ completes the pack with a tranquil take on the original laying focus on funk-infused instrumentals and subdued jazz drums. [info sheet from distr.]
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