Partners - FAUST



12" Vinyl FR

Montage / MNTG003

Front View : Partners - FAUST (LP) - Montage / MNTG003
Back View : Partners - FAUST (LP) - Montage / MNTG003

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The collaborative debut album by Belgian artists Femke Fredrix and James de Graef as Partners.

Brought together by a keen interest for the ever-evolving marriage between electronic music and visual arts, they decided to combine their strengths to realize a shared vision. Or as they call it themselves: “providing a suitable backdrop for spastic movement”.

Partners’ debut project is some form of hybrid as it searches to balance between being a film and an album. The inspiration for this collaborative effort started from their cat carrying the same name as the title of the album: ‘faust’. While you can listen to the music without watching the film, the whole production process of both was completely intertwined.
Faust tries to reflect upon how we as humans perceive, treat and care for animals. From common domesticated animals through plush teddies to cattle, we have almost daily interactions with all of them. Faust tries to question how we interact with these creatures and how we treat one animal different from the other. Without treading into the ever-stereotyped world of vegan activism, this project raises interesting questions on our daily interactions with the other souls inhabiting this earth. Working on this serious matter, Partners never lose sight of their quirky sense of humor, both through their usage of samples and in the employment of bizarre little scenes. [info sheet from distr.]
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