12" Vinyl D

Petricolour / PTRCLR004

Front View : Motsa - PERSPECTIVES (2X12INCH) - Petricolour / PTRCLR004
Back View : Motsa - PERSPECTIVES (2X12INCH) - Petricolour / PTRCLR004

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Influenced by the social and political climate of the modern world, MOTSA’s debut album, ‘Perspectives’, is inspired by his acute awareness of modern society’s dependence on technology and the social media bubble also responsible for the civic polarisation seen globally. The 11 track album takes the listener on an emotional journey with dark, yet hopeful, detailed compositions, each representing their own personal story. The title “Perspectives” refers to a problem we all face: differing perspectives of the same situation, which in turn leads to conflict, be it in personal relationships, families and even political discussions globally. With individuals and groups often losing perspective in disagreements, MOTSA’s debut LP calls for more empathy, highlighting our current trajectory of an ego-driven society. Encouraging listeners to spend less time behind computer screens and more time outside in nature to broaden our horizons and reflect on human decisions, many of the album’s samples were recorded from MOTSA’s own environment. Using the sounds of children playing in the sand on a Balearic beach, crickets in the grass, or the ambient soundscapes of bells recorded from his father’s apartment in Moscow, the producer also recorded and sampled his own voice to create distant, choir-like melodies in many of the tracks. The artist’s signature sound – a soulful yet driven harmonic blend – continues to propel the multi-talented artist to the highest acclaim into 2019 and beyond. [info sheet from distr.]
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