Diasiva - THIRST EP



12" Vinyl D

Instruments Of Discipline / IOD039

Front View : Diasiva - THIRST EP - Instruments Of Discipline / IOD039
Back View : Diasiva - THIRST EP - Instruments Of Discipline / IOD039

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Produced in a symbiosis of perfectly unaligned and uncalibrated modular synthesis, “Thirst” is Diasiva pushing current DSP technology to its edges, their sound is informed by a weekly meeting of sonic experimentation and exploration in their Neukölln studio, drawing inspiration from the detritus of West Berlin. “Thirst” represents the ongoing evolution of Diasiva from sledge-hammer logic into abstract, expression in motion, embracing visions of a brighter future yet leading curious eyes toward the ever present darkness, holding the hand of the like-minded, marching together toward the abyss.

Diasiva are Monolog and Swarm Intelligence, formed in 2011 for the first edition of Burn The Machine Festival in Subland, Berlin, playing numerous live sets around Berlin after this, including the following Burn the Machine. In 2016, they released their debut LP “Doublefade” on the seminal Ohm Resistance label, later that year, they released “Sabo” on Monolog’s Subtrakt imprint, 2017 saw their Station 1805 EP released on Acroplane. The duo now returns for their debut EP on Instruments of Discipline. [info from label]
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