Borokov Borokov - EERLIJK DELEN

Borokov Borokov


coloured 12" Vinyl BE

RotKat / ROTKAT003LP

Front View : Borokov Borokov - EERLIJK DELEN (LTD MARBLED LP) - RotKat / ROTKAT003LP
Back View : Borokov Borokov - EERLIJK DELEN (LTD MARBLED LP) - RotKat / ROTKAT003LP

Hand marked limited edition of 300 copies on multi-colour marbled vinyl. Every vinyl comes in its own unique colour, touching on a spectrum of either red, yellow, blue or green. Handmade and silk-screened cover.

Borokov Borokov is the brainchild of Arne Omloop, Boris Van den Eynden, Noah Melis and Yorgos Tsakiridis. Together they spent their youth in the great wealth of Noorderkempen where they started making music in 2004 in the shadow of Wijnegem Shopping Center.

In contrast to what the groups name – a cocktail of only two identical ingredients – does suspect, is that the music of Borokov Borokov is a hotpot mix of varying genres, like Hi-NRG, punk, global pop, hardcore, lounge music and performance art.

Such a varied selection probably does not bring up the indefinable sensation of a shopping center trip. BB is in that sense an exemplary member of the early-twentieth-century movement of feeling. A membership that is also expressed in writing “Dansende Mensen” en/of Dansen de Mensen? (‘Dancing People’ and/or ‘Are People Dancing?’). [info from label]
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