Andy Garcia - MY OWN WAY EP

Andy Garcia


coloured 12" Vinyl US

Cryovac / Cryo020

Front View : Andy Garcia - MY OWN WAY EP (COLOURED VINYL) - Cryovac / Cryo020
Back View : Andy Garcia - MY OWN WAY EP (COLOURED VINYL) - Cryovac / Cryo020

Space-electronic beats from Saint Petersburg. Please welcome Lyosha Nocow. Dope! Cryovac Recordings is proud to release its 20th edition on random colored vinyl. Cryovac is a gathering of minds that work together to create a physical record of their sound in this time. We go our own way in production and arrangement for our personal vision to endure. Our goal is to add a new layer to the Detroit soundscape. D.J. Roach is a techno activist with a rhythm agenda of percussive techno. His banging and clanging romps rock through breakdowns and back again. Conga and claps work together to form a shaky funk. what is needed for a healthy dancefloor. A.Garcia s subtle drone rides waves of synth in an offering of minimal ease. His moody atmosphere turns tone in soulful harmony, while simple drumming builds to a nonchalant bop. The rise and fall of the elements allow you to examine the track on all sides. Garcia smoothes out an early morning gem that is taylormade for a smoke.

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