Till von Sein - SAY SAY SAY EP


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tilly jam / tj004

Front View : Till von Sein - SAY SAY SAY EP - tilly jam / tj004
Back View : Till von Sein - SAY SAY SAY EP - tilly jam / tj004

4th Tilly Jam with four deep Disco / House Slammer Folks, here is Tilly Jam number four, served by Till von Sein with a striking can’t stop, won’t stop attitude. As if the first three fourtrackers were just heating things up, he’s firing out another ensemble of four to bring serious exercise to the floor. “Say Say Say”, the opening title track of this EP checks many trademarks its originator is known and praised for. An explicitly soulful affair, even flexing some G-Funk muscles here and there. Crackling vinyl noise in the background, warm and thick bass footing, a bassline doing the Filterhouse-routine and a sample heavy arrangement that even gets a boost-up after half of its running time. Then there is “Shadrach”. Go do some exegesis if interested where that name stems from. We can assure you, this Jazz-infused build-up including nervous hi-hat patterns, a boldly bass groove, a frenzy drum-solo, inciting chants and a horn section scaling things up, stems directly from peaktime heaven. And on B1, “Impala” is taking up the thread of this rather outgoing vibe, TvS is going for with this set of tunes. Find an energetic beat providing the ground work for filtered adlibs that kinda nail what comes to mind when this track gets mixed in. “Whoo-hoo-hoo” – that’s right. Just add some subtle percussive lining and let a saxophone take over and you’ll have another trigger for floor-ecstasy at hand. Cooling things off a little bit it’s “Baden Powell Dr” as closing cut. Tilly is winding up the melancholy-meter on this one, reversing elements and by adding pianochords and synth-pads, infusing an overall mood of wind-whistling summertime-sadness

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