Design Default - DAWN CHORUS LP

Design Default


12" Vinyl FR

Fragil Musique / FRAGIL23

Front View : Design Default - DAWN CHORUS LP - Fragil Musique / FRAGIL23
Back View : Design Default - DAWN CHORUS LP - Fragil Musique / FRAGIL23

Design Default Makes A Contemplative Debut Lp Blending Ambient Soundscapes With Electronica & Jazz Hints. Entitled Dawn Chorus, The Record Sounds Like A Reflexion On Awakening To New Feelings And Ideas As Well As Reminiscing And Looking At Those That Came In The Past. The Lp Opens In A Playful And Harmonious Way With Bells Play, Bringing Forward The Idea Of Awakening. The Rest Of The Record Designs A World In Which Slow Unfurling Soundscapes With Heavy Bass Like The Forest Or Two Mirrors Consistently Stand Alongside Glitchy Atmospheres Like The Distorted Ecce Or The Celestial Escale. Tracks Like Peaks And Notes Or Wood Caving Put The Accent On Harmonic And Textural Content. Overall, The Record Is Rooted In A Cosmic Almost New Age Ambient Tradition, But Focuses More On The Idea Of Renewal Than Vagrancy And Languishing. If Ecstasy And Euphory Do Not Describe The Feeling Here, Darkness Doesnt Either. The Result Is A Balanced, Mature And Diverse Lp, Bringing Many Beautiful Sonic Atmospheres To Life, And Telling A Journey Of Wonder Of Openness.

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