I/Y - IYXXX001

IYXXX001 (10 INCH)

10 Inch


Front View : I/Y - IYXXX001 (10 INCH) - IY / IYXXX001
Back View : I/Y - IYXXX001 (10 INCH) - IY / IYXXX001

Vinyl comes with limited edition artwork by EXC Artist collective (high quality print) This is the new release by berlin based techno duo I/Y. the music is part of an interdisciplinary project between the international artist collective exc and I/Y which included an exhibition in a downstairs parking lot, the publication of the artistbook -pxrkxnglxt 2- together with the novel -raum in einem raum- by exc-co-founder eric keil and a short unmoved silent film for which I/Y did the soundtrack. This soundtrack now comes as an exclusive vinyl release along with an inlay artist edition, showing the dark scenery where the- film- takes action... The artist book and the novel are published on rhein verlag and will also be distributed as a special edition together with the record at papierundgelb.de.

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