12" Vinyl UK

Deeptrax Records / DPTX-005

Front View : Ruffien - SANCTUARY - Deeptrax Records / DPTX-005
Back View : Ruffien - SANCTUARY - Deeptrax Records / DPTX-005

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Yeahhh, thrilled to release the new snippets of the new Deeptrax release by G.W. hailing from London. This is the new fifth Deeptrax EP from the mysterious Ruffien. Immensely diverse sounds from the caverns of South-East London. Hypered house, dungeonesque taped techno, dirty filthy electro and lo-fi dubby IDM, all combined with that delicate grimy touch. Traveling the thin lines between Detroit, Grime and House. This EP sounds as it s gracefully upgrading the dusty grooves of Aphex Twin, Burial, Drexciya and Boards of Canada in one very unique piece of wax. Looking for new horizons in deeper techno territory

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