o.utlier - MIRROR CITY


12" UK

SZE / SZE004

Front View : o.utlier - MIRROR CITY - SZE / SZE004
Back View : o.utlier - MIRROR CITY - SZE / SZE004

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Having previously released on Appian Sounds, Fred P’s Boards and Efdemin’s Naif, o.utlier debuts on SZE with an exploration of reflections and resonances in the self from objects and experiences in the environment. The A-side features “Eastbound”, a breakbeat driven slice of techno built for the club, charging forward on a journey through dizzy pads, bouncing oddball basslines and textural pressure. Next up is “Letat”, an ambient breath of air, both melancholic and uplifting. The B-side strides further into the unknown with “Rhodesamp (Whacked Out Revamp)”, a transmission of dubbed-out meditation. Rounding off the release is “Ava”, a hypnotic wedge of dub techno with a middle eastern feel.

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