Mia Zabelka + Asferico - THE BROKEN GLASS

Mia Zabelka + Asferico


12" Vinyl D

Stoerung / str011

Front View : Mia Zabelka + Asferico - THE BROKEN GLASS - Stoerung / str011
Back View : Mia Zabelka + Asferico - THE BROKEN GLASS - Stoerung / str011

The Broken Glass is a work conceived and produced between Austria and Spain and represents the eleventh reference of the catalogue of Stoerung Label. In this collaboration field recordings and synthesis processed by Asferico create cyclical and hypnotic structures, which Mia Zabelka furnishes with her violin and voice. The LP version consists of two versions of the piece, the first more minimalist and conceptual and the second more rhythmical and synthesizer based. Through a display of distorted and isolated sounds, we are driven in the first version into an deep listening, as if sounds where placed under a microscope or we were contemplating them through a telescope. This approach lets us perceive the bare physicality of sounds in a way which enables us to grasp subtleties and aspects of sound which we are not used to. The second version continues where the first version left us, but in this piece, we are eventually flooded by hypnotic loops, white noise and synthesis and the experience has a different flavor. Now what we have acquired through the first version, the enhancement of our listening and appreciation of subtleties of sounds, is inserted into a rhythmical structure which acts as a strong current, pulling us inside an ocean full of astonishing sounds.

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