King Tubby


12" Vinyl lp UK

Jamaican / JRLP001

Front View : King Tubby - LOST TREASURES (LP) - Jamaican / JRLP001
Back View : King Tubby - LOST TREASURES (LP) - Jamaican / JRLP001

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King Tubby in no uncertain terms invented DUB. Our collection here, are all taken from the original master tapes you might have have heard the tracks before but not these versions.... Lost in the vaults till now. So sit back and enjoy the dub master at work.

Born Osbourne Ruddock in Kingston in 1941.
He grew up around High Holborn Street in central Kingston,before moving to the Waterhouse
district in 1955.

His electronic genius grew from working and fixing radios and t.v. sets, a natural progression
led to working with amplifiers,and starting his own sound system’’Tubby’s Home Town Hi- Fi’’.
A very competitive game in the late 60’s. You were as good as the EXCLUSIVE records
you played.

Tubby discovered during his time cutting discs for Duke Reid’s Treasure Isle set up, that by
dropping vocals / instruments in and out of the backing tracks, you could invent new versions
of existing old tunes. These early versions tried and tested on his sound system went down
so well that he invested in a four track mixing console, that was being sold from Dynamic
Studios in Kingston. With his vast knowledge of electric’s, he rewired the existing console
with delay echo effects, sliders and phasing units and so began King Tubby’s Studio Of Dub
at 18 Drummlie Avenue, Kingston 11, Jamaica...His Home... This is where all the producers
would bring their tracks for Tubby to put his magic over.

Most tracks that came out in Jamaica from here on in would carry a ‘Version’ on its B-side more
than likely a Tubby dub. One of the producers who used him the most was Bunny Striker Lee,
who’s labels Jackpot, Justice and Attack all carried Tubby’s mixes / versions on their flip sides. [info from label]
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